I LOVE beautiful, sexy, natural-flowing hair. I am a trained stylist that specializes in Balayage color and curly hair. I believe in giving the client a realistic "do" with a touch of glamour or a huge dose of it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun with Emmy Hair!

I don't have a runner's high today. Instead, I'm high on hair!  Meet Celina and her hubby, Gabe Serrano. At this very moment, they are probably sipping on some bubbly at the Nokia theatre while attending the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Gabe and his group are nominated for an Emmy tonight in the sound/mixing category.

I had the pleasure of doing Celina's hair for the special evening.  She's a dear friend and a dear client of mine. I was able to collaborate with makeup artist, Jessie Sinatra, who did an impeccable job.  Just seeing Celina completely done from head to toe with her dress and her make-up and her hair. I'm just so happy for them!  Good luck Gabe!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


If Oprah would have been around, last weeks makeover would have been perfection. Karen G was referred to me by one of her peers in the movie industry that I've been coifing for years now.

While working on the "Soloist", a movie filmed here in LA, many of its extras came from the streets of downtown skid row.  KK was one the homeless extras that rallied that group together  and eventually made an impression on Karen and the rest of the film crew. Unfortunately, KK was murdered in a random shooting where he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
After experiencing the tragic death of a her dear friend, Karen's focus became grieving and fighting to make sure KK's killers were prosecuted.  Years had passed and as you can see from the picture above, Karen was ready for a change and I'm honored that she chose me to do it.

She has an incredible head of hair! For the shape of her face and to fit the silhouette of her body, we agreed to keep it long.  I gave her flirty layers with lots of movement. As for her hair color, I wanted to stay with neutral tones with a dash of gold to compliment her skin tone.  Amazing! She looks ten years younger and ready to conquer the world!

Please check out her latest documentary film "Lost Angels Skid Row is My Home". 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Smokes! This girl is Hott!

Extensions whether fused in or clipped in can dramatically change a girl from "Alright" to "Wow". Society's obsession with long hair is definitely in an upswing lately. My chair is filled with bob-less gals that shiver at the thought of losing an eighth of an inch. I just got a client the other day that wanted a super-cute short Cameron 2012 Diaz look.  She completely rocked it.  I must say though that the word "cute" does not make the lips pucker out as much as sexy long hair does.
The first time I blew out Ana's hair, I said "You need extensions". With the happiest grin, she giddily agreed.  As you can see, as Ana's hair length gets longer, it becomes more wispy and thin at the ends.  She's a perfectly healthy 20 something year old. Its just the kind of hair she and her sister have.  This dilemna is easily fixed with hair extensions.

I used two bundles of two different color single strand hair extensions that were infused onto her hair. Since she had a decent length, the additional hair was more for volume but she did end up gaining an inch or two.

Doesn't she look amazing?   I have to be honest with those interested in getting strand by strand hair extensions. They do require maintenance such as brushing them daily with a soft bristle brush, braiding it at night so hair stays intact while sleeping, and getting regular trims or checkups to make sure hair hasn't knotted up or dreaded.  Ana's extensions will last for 3 to 4 months. Some brands advertise up to 6 months. I do NOT recommend that at all. Follow these rules and you'll have dreamy long hair in less than a couple of hours. Soooo worth it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not Your Mother's "Bob"

I love a great bob haircut but man has the "soccer mom" bob been way overdone here in the Carolinas. I've been seeing alot of lovely women with hair that is way too short and way too round for the shape of their face. Unfortunately, they don't realize how ridiculous they look. Its not their fault, they listened to their stylist. This is my peeve. Bobs are not for everyone. To really rock a great bob, its best for your hair to be primarily straight or chemically straightened, otherwise one can look like a lollipop walking through Southpark Mall.
Check out Gwyneth's sexy bob that is longer than chin level and minus the ski-slope on the back of the head. Love it!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

To Balayage or Not: That is the Question

As of lately, I've had many clients coming into the salon with a picture of non-other than Jennifer Anniston who wears the Balayage technique to perfection. You're probably like, "What is Balayage?" It is a French technique, a coloring method that emphasizes sweeping motions and a free style form of highlighting hair. I learned this technique while working in LA. It has become one of my favorite ways to express myself artistically while giving my client a non-traditional look.

The traditional effect of placing every highlight at the scalp isn’t sexy anymore. Or the most modern. Balayage coloring creates the effect of looking brightest at the ends. The hair grows out softer at the roots and is more diffused. The pros to someone wanting to try this look especially here in Charlotte is that your hair will look more sunkissed than perfectly foiled with 5oo of them. Don't get me wrong, a foil will always have its place. But next time, you are waiting in line somewhere and you notice the woman ahead of you with locks like Gisele, don't be surprised when she tells you she was in my chair getting Balayaged.

Important questions your stylist should ask you before changing your haircolor:
What is your dream hair color?Everyone that sits in my chair comes in with a visualization of what they want their haircolor to be.

Bring in pictures of what you like. I love it when clients bring them in because it lets me see exactly where they can or cannot go.

How much maintenance are you willing to give to your hair? For example, if you are going platinum blonde, you must be ok with being at the salon every 4 weeks. Otherwise, this look will not work for you.

Have you ever colored your hair? I know this seems like such a simple one. It is the most important?

Do you chemically straighten or perm your hair? Some chemical services such as relaxers and Japanese straighteners should not be performed on bleached or highlighted hair. Ever!!!!

How much is this gonna cost me? Honest stylist, after a thorough consultation, will know an exact amount your color service will cost you. Don't be afraid to ask. The economy is getting better but some of us are still on hair budgets.

What haircolor experience did you NOT like in the past? If you don't know exactly what you want, tell them exactly what YOU don't want to see.

Hope this has been entertaining and useful. Please follow my blog for more hair info and video tuturiols.