I LOVE beautiful, sexy, natural-flowing hair. I am a trained stylist that specializes in Balayage color and curly hair. I believe in giving the client a realistic "do" with a touch of glamour or a huge dose of it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun with Emmy Hair!

I don't have a runner's high today. Instead, I'm high on hair!  Meet Celina and her hubby, Gabe Serrano. At this very moment, they are probably sipping on some bubbly at the Nokia theatre while attending the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Gabe and his group are nominated for an Emmy tonight in the sound/mixing category.

I had the pleasure of doing Celina's hair for the special evening.  She's a dear friend and a dear client of mine. I was able to collaborate with makeup artist, Jessie Sinatra, who did an impeccable job.  Just seeing Celina completely done from head to toe with her dress and her make-up and her hair. I'm just so happy for them!  Good luck Gabe!!


  1. wow..Nice hair you have..It look so nice to see...

  2. This hair style is so good for your face.